Welcome to The AdnohR Connection #GetConnected

Welcome to The AdnohR Connection #GetConnected

Welcome to The AdnohR Connection #GetConnectedWelcome to The AdnohR Connection #GetConnectedWelcome to The AdnohR Connection #GetConnected

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About Us

Gold Standard Bank's 999.9 Physical 24k Pure Fine Gold Bullion Backed Cryptocurrency!

Global Gold Payment System

Global Gold Payment System

Global Gold Payment System

Since 1994, we have helped create business opportunities to meet long-term financial goals. Have questions about KBC or KCB gold backed crypto coins, taxes, retirement, and/or financial freedom and economic dominance? One of our Affiliate Business Partners or Team Members would be glad to help. 

  Global Gold Payment System  for Business Owners


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Accept Bitcoins, Ethereum & KBC Cryptocurrency as Payment!

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Pay NO Merchant Fees!

Accept Crypto and Get Paid in CASH!

Physical 999.9 Pure Fine 24karat Physical Gold Bullion in Weights of .1 gram to 6 grams

It's Math, Not Emotions

Global Gold Payment System

Global Gold Payment System


Committed to providing you excellent education, that will empower you so that you can LIVE your DREAMS!


KaratCoinBank is the first crypto bank operating worldwide with a capital of USD 100 Million

* with our own KaratCoinBank coin

* with our own Exchange

* with our own Global Payment System

* with our own Gold Mine (in Madagascar)

* Why KaratCoinBank:

* 7 years of experience through Karatbars

* Unique business with a global vision from the founder and owner Harald Seiz

* Unique compensation plan with weekly payments

* Earn on sales of the KCB Coins

* Residual income through resulting transaction fees

Future Development:

* New Blockchain with a flexible fee system which can be used worldwide for payment of transactions using gold independently transparent decentralized

* Development of a crypto phone together with CryptoData starting in 2019

* Expansion of the mine in Madagascar in 2019

* Launch of 10,000 ATM’s starting 2019

* Purchase 2 more gold mines by 2021


* Karatbars was founded in 2011 and is a direct marketing business with more than 530,000 Affiliates world wide

Karatbars has developed a payment system using Gold and CashGold



Because it's MATH  - Do the Math, Make the Millions!

Privacy Is The New Order! The all new Impulse K1 Phone. The most secure mobile phone with Voice Over Blockchain Technology.

Why Us?

Global Gold Payment System

Why Us?

Our team is comprised of people with different kinds of finance experience, but we all have this in common--a commitment to ethics and integrity. And you can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance. From Your Finances to Your Health, we offer you opportunities to LIVE Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in All Areas of your Life!

Why Our Gold Backed Crypto Coin?


The Coin of the World´s first Crypto Bank the crypto bank for your future

covered by an innovative and newly developed blockchain technology!

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Get Our Voice Over Blockchain Phone FREE!


Ready to Make Millions?



Privacy Is The New Order!

We are very proud to present you our next generation of communication tools: The all new Impulse K1 Phone.
The most secure mobile phone currently available.

Because it is the first mobile phone using Voice over Blockchain Protocol - if you own it, no one else can use it!

You know the saying, "A clean mobile OS is the best pillow"?
For this reason, the Impulse K1 Phone includes the following security features as standard:

-Fingerprint Scanner
-PIN Lock
-Face ID Access
-Password Lock
-WORM Guard

All this is, to add in all modesty, the only way to rebuild trust in the telephone-based worldwide communication system.
With the all new Impulse K1 Phone you can settle back and feel protected about your business security.

Additional Services

AdnohR Tax Service

AdnohR Tax Service

MrsRGTG Energy Reader

MrsRGTG Energy Reader

AdnohR Tax Service has been in business for over 20 years. The Tax Division of AdnohR Services and Connections, AdnohR Tax Service Educates its clients on the IMPORTANCE of Financial and Economic Education where Tax Preparation is concerned.  With a Dual Masters Degree in Accounting and Finance, Mrs. RGTG, incorporates the importance of SAVING physical 999.9 pure fine 24k gold bullion as leverage against rapid inflation and economic collapse. Mrs. RGTG and her Staff EMPHASIZES the IMPORTANCE of a HOME-BASED Business & WHY Karatbars International & Gold Standard Banking are the PERFECT TOOLS to use to MAXIMIZE your REFUND and/or Reduce or Eliminate Paying Taxes at all.  CLICK the BUTTON BELOW to get your FREE Home-Based Business & ENJOY the Process of Income Tax Preparation! 

Learn More about Retirement, 401k's, IRAs, Pensions, etc., from a Financial Adviser in the following video - CLICK HERE.

EnergyKarat Gold Energy Card. Raise Your Energy.

MrsRGTG Energy Reader

MrsRGTG Energy Reader

MrsRGTG Energy Reader

 I AM Mrs. RGTG, your Energy Reader. Welcome to my channel. Like & SUBSCRIBE!  We do not Refute that which you may have learned. However, we ARE Offering to you words of encouragement to "dig a little deeper" in THOUGHT, HEART & DEED, that will cause you to EXPERIENCE the POWER of LOVE, LIFE & TRUTH to LIVE a life that is filled with challenges in COMFORT, JOY & ABUNDANCE! To know to keep HOPE ALIVE, that challenges do not last, because THIS TOO SHALL PASS!  

The EnergyKarat Card has embedded in it is a gram of 999.9 pure fine 24 karat solid gold bullion. The gold EnergyKarat card reduces stress and anxiety, improves concentration and increases life energy. It works on the principle of the impact of selected numbers; these are codes for particular information, meditation, music and oriental medicine skills. The codes were calculated, based on several decades of experience, by Vili Poznik, an information technology expert.  Get yours today at: https://www.karatbars.com/shop/index.php?page=shopproduct&pid=39

J.ust A.nother G.reat Lawn! J.A.G. Lawn Care Service! Hampton, GA & Surrounding Areas.

Health & Wellness

MrsRGTG Energy Reader

Health & Wellness

 Since 1985, we've had one mission: to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. That is still the purpose that drives us. With over 400 products to choose from, it would take more than three years for an average Preferred Member to try all of our products just once. Follow-up U.S. based Sterling Study corroborates the health benefits of taking your health serious through our Lifestyle Program. All findings support the conclusions first observed in the Freiburg Study. Our Products are  Proven by science to provide superior mineral absorption and minimize free radical damage.  

For Personal Energy Healing Readings

Sign up to hear from us for your Personalized Energy Readings!

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Please NOTE that Mrs. RGTG will be OUT OF THE OFFICE on Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursday; however, please BOOK one of our Other Staff Members to Service Your Needs. Please BOOK ALL Appointments through our APPOINTMENT Link or on our FaceBook Pages, AdnohR Tax Service or book here  The AdnohR Connection

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