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Welcome to
The AdnohR Connection!

Are you a Business Owner Looking to Expand your Business Worldwide? 

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Welcome to
The AdnohR Connection!

Are you a Business Owner Looking to Expand your Business Worldwide? 

NO COST to get Started Right Now!

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About Us

Global Gold Payment System


Since 1994, we have helped create business opportunities to meet long-term financial goals. Have questions about KBC or KCB gold backed crypto coins, taxes, retirement, and/or financial freedom and economic dominance? One of our Affiliate Business Partners or Team Members would be glad to help. 

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It's Math, Not Emotions



Committed to providing you excellent education, that will empower you so that you can LIVE your DREAMS!


KaratCoinBank is the first crypto bank operating worldwide with a capital of USD 100 Million

* with our own KaratCoinBank coin

* with our own Exchange

* with our own Global Payment System

* with our own Gold Mine (in Madagascar)

* Why KaratCoinBank:

* 7 years of experience through Karatbars

* Unique business with a global vision from the founder and owner Harald Seiz

* Unique compensation plan with weekly payments

* Earn on sales of the KCB Coins

* Residual income through resulting transaction fees

Future Development:

* New Blockchain with a flexible fee system which can be used worldwide for payment of transactions using gold independently transparent decentralized

* Development of a crypto phone together with Sony starting in 2019

* Expansion of the mine in Madagascar in 2019

* Launch of 10,000 ATM’s starting 2021

* Purchase 2 more gold mines by 2021


* Karatbars was founded in 2011 and is a direct marketing business with more than 530,000 Affiliates world wide

Karatbars has developed a payment system using Gold and CashGold



Because it's MATH  - Do the Math, Make the Millions!

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Why Us?


Our team is comprised of people with different kinds of finance experience, but we all have this in common--a commitment to ethics and integrity. And you can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance. From Your Finances to Your Health, we offer you opportunities to LIVE Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in All Areas of your Life!

Why Our Gold Backed Crypto Coin?


The Coin of the World´s first Crypto Bank the crypto bank for your future

covered by an innovative and newly developed blockchain technology! Join FREE today!

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Your Opportunities

KaratGold with KaratCoin

Get FREE CryptoCurrency Tokens!

The KaratBank Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. Specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment means for all who consider gold as a traditional, true, secure and value-stable medium.

Share your referral link and earn KaratBank Coin on 5 levels (7%, 5%, 3%, 2% and 1%) This Cryptocurrency Coin is BACKED by GOLD! 


Ready to collect atm fees?


KaratCoinBank ATMs  - accepting CashGold, KaratGold Coin #kcb and KaratBank Coin #kbc and other cryptocurrencies as well as FIAT currencies shall be installed and operated by KARATCOIN BANK. The goal is a dense network of around 10,000 ATMs worldwide. This way, it shall give users the same convenience as conventional banks with its ATMs,  but with the extension that transaction processing is not limited to FIAT currencies, but also includes new digital currencies. 

As qualified Karatbars International/KaratCoinBank Affiliates, you will acquire a percentage of the fees and transactions collected by the ATMs and KaratCoinBank. Click the Button Below to Get Started. To Learn More go to: karatcoinbank.io

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Health & Wellness


 Since 1985, we've had one mission: to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. That is still the purpose that drives us. With over 400 products to choose from, it would take more than three years for an average Preferred Member to try all of our products just once. Follow-up U.S. based Sterling Study corroborates the health benefits of taking your health serious through our Lifestyle Program. All findings support the conclusions first observed in the Freiburg Study. Our Products are  Proven by science to provide superior mineral absorption and minimize free radical damage.  

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